—Adthea: Goddess of the Moon, compassion, Mercy, Motherhood, fertility, and Creator of Elves. Her symbol is a crescent Moon. Her Domains include Light, Peace, Life

Dakoram: Consort of Adthea, Keeper of the night sky, God of Justice and Wisdom. His symbol is a starry crown. His domain s include light, knowledge, Protection.

Rueissa: Goddess of Love, Beauty, Music, and Magic. Daughter of Adthea and Dakoram. Her domainsister are love, Arcana, and Peace.

Quomnif: God of War, Archery, Adventure, the Sun, Beast Taming. Consort of Rueissa. Domains: War, Light, Nature, Fire.

The Sun Serpent, drought, fire, heat, deserts. Domain Fire, Light

Kibni: God of Wine, Poetry, and Revelry. Son of Pale. Domain: Luck,
Felyse: Goddess of Luck and Fortune. Daughter Kibni and Karma. Domain Luck

Pale: God of Kindness, Death, Protection of the Dead, Runes, The Future, Son of Adthea and Dakoram Domain: Grave,

Ronye: God of Bounty, Agriculture, Perseverance, Fertility. Domain: Life, Nature

Lloth: Spider Queen, Goddess of plots and conspiracy, embodiment of envy. Queen of the Drow.

Dynam: God of Slaughter, Murder, and Calamity.

Triton: Ruler of the Oceans. Domain: Ocean, Tempest

Gaia: Soul of the Earth. Domain: Nature, Life

Tamar: Goddess of Wind, Seasons, and Storms Domain :Tempest, Nature,

:Grummish: God of Wrath, Retribution, Curses, Liberator of Orcs. Domains: War,

Ashtar: Shape shifting God/Goddess of Lust, seduction, perversion

Torobus: Demon God of sloth, rot, decay, apathy

Ohzoz: God of Pride and Dominance

Gordonil: Demon God of hunger, gluttony, and the void

Kent: God of Knowledge, learning, and Magic

:Grovsmed: All-Father, The Blacksmith, Creator of Dwarves, God of Crafting and Fire

Kjarmor: Hearth, Clan, Family, Tradition, Law, Loyalty, Duty, Honor

Haader: War, Discipline, Battle

Byrnhild: Battlejoy, Skalds, and courage

Ekchow: Merchants, trade, haggling, the well struck deal.

Barlong: Mining, Caverns, and Architecture

Fafnir: Dragon god of Greed, Plunder, ill-gotten wealth.

Adion :Guardian of Travelers, Explorers, Redeemer of Lost

Airmed: Goddess of Health, medicine, and Healing

King of Many Names:God of Gnomes, Gems, Illusion, color, mirth, trickery.

Kurtulmak: demigod of Kobolds, traps, ambushes

Fredigar Fallowhide:Hero God of stealth, social justice, freedom, patron of filchers,

The Black Hound, Judge and guide of the dead.

Karma: Greater Goddess of reincarnation Domain : none

Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Tempest, Trickery, War. Forge, Grave, Protection, Arcana (un)Death, Fire, Love, Ocean, Travel, Peace, Luck.


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