Human Native species of Terra

Elf: Sprang from the tears of the Moon Titan Adthea who tasked them with slaying the dragons and ruling Terra ~5,300 BC

Dwarf: Smithed by the Titan Grovsmed to slay the dragons and rule Terra ~5,300 BC

Orc: Rebellious human slaves freed and transformed by their Hero-God Gruumsh around 1,800 BC.

Halfling: Homo Parvus A small statured human subspecies nativity found in the far south.

Gnome: Gem Kami made mortal by the God of Many Names ~3,700 BC after he trapped Kurtlemak and tricked him into giving up the secret to apotheosis.

Dragonborn Lizardfolk changed by Dragons to serve them.

Teifling Mortals with fiendish ancestry

Goblin: Native species of Terra. Many were enslaved by early Dwarves. Hobgoblins and Bugbears were bred by dwarven masters as fodder for the War of Terrors.

Dragon: Born ~7,000 BC when powerful souls crossed into the material plane and clothed themselves in bodies made from a surge of pure magic. When a dragon has offspring, it splits off a small sliver of it’s soul, which then grows as it is nourished by magic. When A dragon dies, it’s soul merges back with the sleeping souls of the original dragons in Limbo.

Lizardfolk Decedents of rouge Kami who possessed crocodiles. Later enslaved by the dragons.

Kobold Created by dragons as an early attempt to create mortal servants. Mostly considered a failure and later supplanted by dragonborn.



Giant Mortal decedents of early Titans. Giants were the dominate mortal race from ~15,000 BC until the rise of the Aboleth Empire. Despite constant warfare, giants maintained a tenuous grip on much of the surface world until the rise of the dragons.

Aboleth The first Aboleth arrived on Terra ~12,500 BC. Where it came from is a mystery unknown even to the gods. Their Empire rose and challenged the giants for dominance of the world until both factions were brought low by the dragons.

Behir Storm giants created the first behirs as weapons against the dragons

Beholder Madness and magic should not be mixed. A powerful transmutation wizard
spent too much time traveling in the shadow planes conversing with every kind of demon and monster imaginable. When she returned, she was paranoid that some of the demons she had cheated and manipulated would seek revenge. Additionally, she has spent so much time among demons, that her humanoid form had grown foreign and ugly to her. What followed was an endless series of self modifications to “perfect” her form for ultimate beauty and vigilant utility. With her great power and fractured self image, her mad dreams gave birth to variations of herself that are as paranoid and mad as she was. Though she has long since died, her dreams live on, spawning dream children of their own.

Centaur Originally a druidic tribe of refugees fleeing from Chuul hunters, Gia blessed them with the speed to escape at a moment’s notice by merging them with their horses. Centaurs were among the first to honor Dakoram, the Titan of the north star. In return for their respect, he taught the centaur druids how to read the night sky for glimpses into the future.

Chuul Created by Aboleths

Cloaker A mortal race native to the shadow planes who escaped to the material realm

Couatl Divine former servants of the now defeated and corrupted Ketzal the Sun Serpent.

Doppelganger Mysterious shape changing assassins and spies who jealously guard their origins.

Dragon Turtle







Lycan Lycanthropy is a curse orginated by the God of Slaughter as a way to pollute and attack Adthea’s full moon celebrations.




Illithid Time traveling interdimensional refugees/invaders.who arrived on Terra ~2,500 BC









Troll Originally created by Giants as an answer to the Chuul, Trolls proved too violent and difficult to manage for them to be turned loose in allied lands without direct Giant oversight. Some were sent as shock troops deep into Aboleth territory as a means of disrupting communications and supply routes.

Umber Hulk




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