Aboleth Age 6000
Dragon Age 4000
Apotheosis of the Gods
Creation of Elves and Dwarves
Mortal Age 2000
The war of terrors 800
The armistice 500
Millennial War 1000
The Cataclysm
Modern era 1500

~14,500 BC The first Aboleth appears

~8,300 BC The first Dragons are created

~4,300 BC Apotheosis of Adthea and Grovsmed. Creation of first Elves and Dwarves.

~3,400 BC Foundation of the Battle-forged Empire
~3,200 BC Apotheosis of The King of Many Names and birth of the Gnomes
~3,000 BC Foundation of the Eternal Empire
Reign of Empress Ambarati
~2,375 BC Reign of Emperor Orgol
~2,350 BC Elves begin enslaving humans for slave labor
~2,300 BC Start of the Wars of Terror
~2,200 BC Dwarves unleash goblinoid soldiers
~2,150 BC Elves field slave human armies
~2,100 BC Reign of Emperor Maeglin
~2,000 BC Necromancy rules the battlefield
~1,800 BC Gruumish’s revolt and origin of the orcs
~1,750 BC Reign of Emperor Turcano
Banishment of the Drow
~1,500 BC Armistice is signed

~1,000 BC Millennial War Begins

~1 BC Cataclysm destroys both imperial capitals and sunders the continent.


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